The G20 represents the world's major Economies, accounting for over 80% of Global GDP

G20 meetings are essential in co-ordinating Economic Policies, Stability in Financial Markets & Preventing Economic Crises

It provides a Platform to tackle pressing Global Challenges such as Climate change, Terrorism & Pandemics.

The G20 emphasises inclusive Growth, aiming to Reduce income inequality & promote Economic Opportunities for all

Discussions within the G20 help promote International Trade & Investment for Economic Growth and Job Creation.

G20 countries work together to establish common Financial Regulations to prevent Global Financial Crisis

G20 members contribute to development assistance in areas of Health, Education, & Infrastructure

G20 discussions on Fostering Innovation & Technology Transfer, Driving Advancements in various Sectors.

Climate change a top Global Concern. G20 play a role in Shaping Climate Policies & Commitments.

It serves as a forum for enhancing Global Governance & Cooperation.