Natalie Portman Discourages Child Actors

The actress shares her concerns about the industry's impact on young Performers

Portman's Early Start

Portman began acting at a young age, starring in the film "Léon: The Professional" at the age of 12.

Challenges of Child Acting

Portman has spoken about the challenges of child acting, including the long hours, the pressure to succeed, and the lack of a normal childhood.

Portman's Advice

Portman has advised young people to wait until they are older before pursuing a career in acting.

Importance of Education

Portman believes that it is important for young people to focus on their education before entering the entertainment industry.

Risks of Child Stardom

Portman has warned about the risks of child stardom, including Substance Abuse, Mental Health Problems and Exploitation.

Need for Protection

Portman has called for better protections for child actors in the entertainment industry.

Portman's Own Experiences

Portman has shared personal stories about her experiences as a child actor, both positive and negative.

Portman's Hope for the Future

Portman hopes that the entertainment industry will become more supportive of young performers.

Portman's message

Child acting should not be taken lightly.